Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Practice of Infiltration

By Elmer Whittaker

Nowadays it is no longer a secret that the US and State Governments along with its agencies like the FBI, CIA, ATF, DHS and others have long since infiltrated dissenting organizations and movements like the Civil Rights, Anti-War, Occupy Wall Street and the Patriot Movements as well as organizations like the Ron Paul R3volution, the Tea Party, the Libertarian Party and many others, in order to destroy and render them ineffective from within.

The practice of government infiltration which includes programs like COINTELPRO and MK-ULTRA has been so successful over so many years that organizations and movements like the Ron Paul R3volutiuon, the GOP, and the Democrats themselves have copied the government practice and now are infiltrating competing organizations themselves. Leaders of said organizations and movements nowadays are using and encouraging not only the word “infiltration” as if it was the most normal, moral and ethical thing to do in life. 

“Infiltration” however has very strong connotations with “Cloak and Dagger” and “Subversion”. So, let’s look therefore at what the practice of infiltration actually is.

Google defines “infiltrate” as: 

1.       Gain access to (an organization, place, etc.) furtively and gradually, esp. in order to acquire secret information.

2.      Permeate or become a part of (something) in this way: "computing has infiltrated most professions now". 

Merriam-Webster defines “infiltrate” as: 

1.       to cause (as a liquid) to permeate something by penetrating its pores or interstices

2.      to pass into or through (a substance) by filtering or permeating

3.      to pass (troops) singly or in small groups through gaps in the enemy line

4.      to enter or become established in gradually or unobtrusively usually for subversive purposes <the intelligence staff had been infiltrated by spies> 

Examples of “infiltrate” are given as: 

1.       The gang was infiltrated by undercover agents.

2.      Attempts to infiltrate undercover agents into the gang have failed.

3.      Water can easily infiltrate the soil. 

Personally, I see very little morally and ethically upstanding in the practice of infiltration, undermining and subversion and think that many leaders in today’s political organizations and movements are ill-advised in using infiltration tactics in their dealings with competing organizations and movements. That alone could be a major contributing factor to the disunity of today’s Liberty and Occupy movements and organizations and a creator of much bad blood within the leadership and supporters of said movements. 

I think the practice of infiltration and subversion should be left to tyrannical governments and their goons while the supposedly more moral and ethical society should practice cooperation and helping each other instead of destroying each other by way of infiltration and subversion.
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