Saturday, May 17, 2014

Solange vs. Jay-Z

By Elmer Whittaker 

This incident was clearly the so dreaded “Domestic Violence” as interpreted by the laws of most States, which automatically should or would file charges against Solange for Domestic Violence, Battery and Disorderly Conduct. In some States Solange would be subject to arrest and prosecuted with or without the consent, desire or intention of her victim Jay-Z.  

Depending on the time and circumstances when the local law enforcement found out about this case of Domestic Violence and again depending on the State an immediate arrest warrant would have been issued and considerable search efforts would have been initiated to apprehend the fleeing suspect. 

In some States or Counties, Law Enforcement is required to make an arrest whenever they are called on a Domestic Violence or Disturbance case. I know this is the case in Mohave County, Arizona. In other States or Counties, Law Enforcement is required to arrest both, the suspect and the alleged victim. I believe in Clark County, Nevada LVMPD is required to arrest both, the suspect and the alleged victim. 

If the situation and roles in the Solange vs Jay-Z case were reversed and Jay-Z would have been the alleged suspect, the question if he should be prosecuted, would have never been ask, and Jay-Z had better found him a good lawyer. 

Over the years, I could not help but seeing a strong bias against men, especially in alleged Domestic Violence cases which are not as clearly documented as the Jay-Z vs. Solange case.  

I personally believe mandatory arrest laws in cases of suspected Domestic Violence to be as unconstitutional and as unfair as the prosecution of alleged suspects without the charge, consent or desire of the alleged victim.  

Unfortunately often, corrupt Law Enforcement and Judicial Branches are abusing Domestic Violence prosecution as easy to use way to extort and coerce false guilty pleas from the all too often helpless victim of malicious prosecution, just as they do with many other charges and “offenses”. 

In the current Clark County Sheriff’s race there seems to be hardly a candidate found who himself is not in one form or another accused of this dreaded “Domestic Violence”.  

I see a definite need to repeal current “Domestic Violence” laws.
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