Saturday, April 13, 2013

What YOU Can Do to Make a Political Difference

By Elmer Whittaker 

·         Start to familiarize yourself with the US Constitution with its Bill of Rights along with the Declaration of Independence and other founding documents like the Federalist Papers as well as the Constitution of the State of Nevada.

·         Become knowledgeable and informed about how the political system and processes work here in the United States and in the state and community in which you live.
·         Realize, practice and insist on your given rights.
·         Inform Yourself

·         Sign up to receive helpful newsletters and alerts

·         Participate and comment in Blogs, Forums and On-line Newspapers

·         Create a Blog or a Website of your own

·         Submit frequent letters to newspaper, magazine, radio and television editors

·         Use your phone and share your views on talk-radio shows

·         Write or publish a news column

·         Join likeminded activists or political community groups

·         Take pictures, audio and video of all noteworthy events as "evidence". Write a short report as reminder afterwards

·         File Complaints against corrupt, rude, unwilling and incompetent officers, inspectors, bureaucrats and other city and county employees

·         Donate to and support worthy causes and groups

·         Fight and work FOR something and not AGAINST something

·         Participate in City and County meetings

·         Distribute flyers for a political cause

·         Testify at public hearings

·         Choose to take sides

·         Volunteer to work in political campaigns

·         Widely distribute signs and literature for a cause or candidate

·         Hold regular gatherings in your home or community to discuss and promote the cause of liberty

·         Organize a rally, large or small, to publicize an important cause or issue

·         Report and inform the local media about important issues or hidden agendas

·         Lead or get involved in a worthy petition drive

·         Demonstrate for your rights, justice and liberty

·         Practice Civil Disobedience

·         Use social media to further political causes

·         Get actively involved in a major or possible third political party in your State

·         Police the Police

·         Run for a local or higher public office

·         Promote your causes with bumper stickers, t-shirts and signs

·         Vote in local, statewide and national elections

·         Speak out against injustice

"The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict." - Dr. Martin Luther King

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