Sunday, March 24, 2013

Censorship at the LPN

By Elmer Whittaker 

The first amendment that includes freedom and speech has now been officially abolished by the Executive Committee (Ex-Com) of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) as far as their membership is concerned. 

While it is not completely uncommon that party social media outlets such as Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Meet-Up Groups and Google accounts are mainly used for announcements to their membership, some outlets allow for discussions and member postings. 
The LPN Ex-Com has virtually refused to advertise or promote the upcoming LPN 2013 State Convention which allows for the election of a new Executive Committee by the membership. I have reported about this in much detail in “Current Problems within the LPN”  

In an escalation of censorship and oppression of dissident opinions LPN Secretary Jared Thomas Lord has now deleted member commentaries and postings of a number of members including Brett H. Pojunis, Angy McKinster and myself from the LPN Facebook Page which he administers. 

In Brett Pojunis case the deleted posting was nothing more than the announcement of LPN’s 2013 State Convention along with an encouragement to attend. In my particular case it was a simple link to one of my blog entries. 

Just days earlier, Secretary Jared Thomas Lord failed in an attempt to gain control of the LPN Facebook Group, which was and remains in the control of ousted former LPN Secretary Brett Pojunis and not like all other LPN social media sites in control and censorship of the current Ex-Com.  

The Libertarian Party of Nevada Facebook Group is now the only medium left to the members of the LPN where they can freely communicate with each other without being censored or banned. Not surprisingly the LPN Facebook Group enjoys an ever-growing popularity and activity from the many disillusioned LPN members. 

Today, while visiting the LPN Facebook Page I realized that I had been banned from the LPN Facebook Page altogether. 

In yet another new insult and slap in the face of the membership of the Libertarian Party of Nevada Treasurer Kurt Brackob created a new event at LPN’s Meet-Up Group. While not one single word about the 2013 LPN State Convention can be found on the LPN’s entire Meet-Up Group, the new event, the “2013 Las Vegas Badass Dash” is scheduled for May 25, 2013. 

I’d like to predict that neither current Chairman Joseph P Silvestri, Vice Chair Chris Roberts, Secretary Jared Thomas Lord, Treasurer Kurt Brackob and At Large Representative Irv Hopkins will be around at the time of their newly scheduled event.  

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