Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fracking Jason Smith?

By Elmer Whittaker 

How pitiful of Jason Smith, Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. The product he is selling and for which he started a brand new company for, is still too expensive for most of the Fracking industry to use. Considering he started a company selling this product that is still too expensive, I’m sure it will come done in price so he can finally turn a profit from Fracking. 

Well, at least I and the few well informed people or experts I played this video for have not the slightest doubt that Jason Smith is at least speculating to make money of Fracking with his product and that this is one of the reasons he seek a chair at the Clark County Commission with the unfortunate help and support of Tasha Heath, Shirley Shelton aka Liberty Shirl and most unfortunately Cindy Lake with an endorsement of Southern Nevada Watchdogs. 

I have followed his rants about Fracking, him being sober or drunk, for more than a year. I have seen him attack, belittle and insult anyone who even expresses doubts about Fracking and I have witnessed his outright rejection of a hearing on Fracking as un-libertarian. 

Jason Smith is in my opinion nothing else but a liar, opportunist and a fraud. 

Confronted with this video and posting he complained about him not being a Shill for Fracking Companies denies any links to Big Oil and Fracking and suddenly represents himself as being in the cleaning business.  

Although I had never accused him of being a Shill for Fracking Companies or to having connections to “Big Oil” do Jason Smith’s denials seem plausible to you, after watching and listening to the video?

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