Monday, October 13, 2014

“Crushing” Cindy Lake

Cindy Lake
By Elmer Whittaker 

Jason Smith current Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada and Candidate for Clark County Commission District F is continuing to spread the lies and fabrications that I have/had a crush on Cindy Lake and made flirtatious advances towards her and since I was turned down I now have a vendetta against him, because Cindy didn’t become Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Nevada and a vendetta against Cindy herself because she has turned my advances down. 

This is yet another complete lie and fabrication. 

However, I as someone who knows Jason Smith not only from Facebook, but personal through numerous meetings of the Libertarian Party of Nevada and through many conversations about him with Brett H. Pojunis, Chairman of the LPN, I know that Jason Smith is not stupid and in fact highly intelligent. 

Jason Smith therefor would have never even made his first untrue allegations on August 28 unless he knew with certainty that Cindy Lake would not interfere and call him out on his lies. The only logical explanation for this is simply that Cindy Lake herself put him up to this in spite of her denials, either to give him ammunition to slander me or because she really thought or thinks I had a crush on her. 

Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. I had/have no romantic nor sexual attraction towards Cindy and have at no point ever felt that she would have harbor such feelings and desires towards me. 

In a private Facebook message with Cindy Lake on August 28 she assured me that she knew that his allegations were not true, but she didn’t want to respond to his posting, because he didn’t mention her name and wanted to stay out of it. 

In a recent email to Cindy Lake on September 29 I brought the issue about Jason spreading these lies about me having a crush on her up again and probed her by asking Cindy who might have put Jason up to this. 

In her email reply the same day Cindy Lake changed her story significantly. She now “confessed” to me that she was too embarrassed to comment but also repeated that he didn’t mention her. She continued to explain that she told Jason that she didn't like it and it was wrong to do and that she did not appreciate it but could not answer for where he got the idea. She thought that going against another liberty candidate would hurt her.  

Please continue reading past the excerpts of Jason Smith’s postings, as I will continue explanations after them.
 28 August at 09:56 

Jason Smith: Cut… Your problem, Elmer, is you are motivated by something even more sinister than what you accuse me of. You have this Quasimodo type crush on a married woman who refused your nomination and efforts to get her to run for the position I am in in the LP. You go on like Don Quixote when in fact the object of your fantasy and crush is happily married with a family. I had pity on you before, and I guess I still do, but it is now mixed with a sense of shame and disrespect for what you are doing to members of the Liberty movement. I have answered the questions of the journalists who have called for a comment on your accusations. They all agreed that either you are mentally unstable, or just a lonely broken little man with little left to do than cry about the sky falling from underneath your overpass. You may do as you like, you may say whatever you think will get you attention; but you do a disservice to those who wish to fight against the largesse of government and fraud and waste when you make wild accusations because you have an axe to grind.

28 August at 10:31 

Jason Smith: This is not about fracking. This is about Elmer. Elmer doesn't get enough attention. Elmer doesn't get appreciated for all his keyboard warrioring. Elmer delivered the position of Vice Chair of the LP on a silver platter to a married woman he has a crush on, and she was not interested in the position, so Elmer has a grudge against me. Elmer, shame on you.

6 October at 00:35 

Jason Smith: Cut… There are new Facebook groups that started up of people who want nothing to do with you because of what you are doing to me, and Cindy Lake...all because a woman who is married with children did not give you enough attention or accept your flirtatious advances? You are despicable. It is not me saying this, there are others who are saying you have this vendetta, Elmer. It explains why you endorsed and worked on her campaign, then now after being told off that you shun and withdraw your endorsement. You hold grudges against me for not doing your bidding while Cindy has told me repeatedly she did not want to be an officer in the Libertarian Party, and REFUSED YOUR NOMINATION at convention. No, Elmer, this is nothing more than unrequited fantasy lust on your part, and shame on you for taking it this far. I have more than enough business, personal and political references to my character, loyalty and ethics that your scurrilous accusations amount to nothing more than jealous petty cat fighting …Cut

Last night while researching the exact and detailed events for my reason to why I had quit Cindy Lake’s Campaign I scrolled through the archive of Facebook messages exchanged with Cindy and found a message from July 25, right after the big blow-up, that I sent to her, that could most easily be misunderstood and could easily be misconstrued that I might indeed have had a crush on Cindy, unless the message was accompanied by a lengthy explanation, to an outsider.
This message I sent, also refers on several occasions to “hurt feelings” as there most certainly were hurt feelings involved and that on both sides. It does however explain why so many people in the recent fighting here in this group had used the term “hurt feelings” when talking about reasons why I left Cindy’s campaign or why I withdrew my endorsement for her. 

Agitators like Angie Morelli, Monica Jones, Jimmy Barber, Jason Smith, Cindy Brown and others have all mentioned “hurt feelings” as the reason for my alleged vendetta. Some have used certain words and terminology specific to some of the communication between Cindy and me, leaving me no other conclusions that Cindy in fact had shared our private communication and specifically this culpable sounding message I sent her, with an unknown number of people. 

When I texted Cindy and ask her if she had shared our private communications with others, she did not reply and instead unfriended me and left my Clark County Politics group. 

Even if the allegations were true, I would find it more than tacky to share this message with others. 

As I do not appreciate the fact someone is holding something over me with this message and as it has apparently already been circulated, I am considering posting the message myself, in spite that it makes many references most private to and about me that I would otherwise not wish to share with anyone but closest friends. 

I counted Cindy Lake, Tasha Heath and Brett H. Pojunis as my close friends in the political scene here in Las Vegas and had enjoyed immensely working closely with Cindy on her campaign which led to my conviction that we really were close friends who worked very well and effectively together. 

Looking back at the nearly 5,000 Facebook messages, numerous emails, group and event meetings and the two or three phone calls we ever exchanged, I cannot see how Cindy Lake could possibly misunderstand our strictly professional relationship as anything else but exactly that. 

I wondered what Cindy Lake’s  excuse for not speaking up and rectifying the truth will be this time, now that Jason Smith had mentioned her by name in his last posting on October 6th in reply to my posting in the Independent American Party of Nevada’s Facebook Group concerning Jason Smith stance and involvement to Fracking in Nevada.

Steve Esh, Cindy Lake and Tom Jones

However, this little problem has been very eloquently resolved for Cindy the very next day. I strongly suspect Tom Jones, Chairman of the Independent American Party of Nevada, Clark County Chapter and one of the three Administrators of the IAPNV Facebook Group had deleted my posting about Jason Smith’s stance on Fracking in Nevada that I originally made some 7 weeks earlier, along with Jason Smith’s reply of October 6 in which he mentioned Cindy by her name. Both other Administrators of the group, Vice Chairman of the IAPNVCC Brad Lee Barnhill and Cody Quirk both denied having deleted the posting which I am convinced is true. 

IAPNVCC Chairman Tom Jones was the only one who has never even responded to my inquiry as to who deleted my posting and why. 

Not surprisingly though if you know that Chairman Tom Jones was one of the major proponents of Cindy Lake running for Candidate for the Clark County Commission G, is one of her major supporters and last but not least the IAPNVCC has endorsed Cindy Lake.  

Do people at least ask themselves sometimes, how deep the rabbit hole really goes?

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