Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Common Sense Immigration Reform

By Elmer Whittaker 

Just hours after rescinding DACA and the threat of shutting down the government to get approval for Trump’s Border Wall the need for Immigration Reform seems more urgent than ever. 

Neither illegal immigration nor open borders can be tolerated in a sovereign nation of laws and order. The following will give a common-sense approach to immigration reform and end illegal immigration.

The forceful deportation of maybe 15 million illegal aliens is unrealistic, too difficult, too burdensome, not feasible, way too expensive and simple not necessary. 

The deportation of Dreamer’s does nothing at all in order to curb illegal immigration and would in fact be self-defeating and wrong. Dreamers are citizens in all respects but one, who were brought to this country on no fault of their own.  

The building of a Border Wall at exuberant costs, will do little to curb illegal immigration nor will it do much to curb the import of illegal drugs into the US. The Border Wall would simply be side stepped, penetrated or the way of illegal immigration shifted to air, sea or immigration from the north. Building a Border Wall will also not deport one single illegal immigrant already in this country. 

The one and only way to stop illegal immigration is simply to remove the incentive for illegal immigration by enforcing E-Verify and heavy penalize employers for hiring and employing illegal immigrants.  

Enforcing E-Verify will not only end the invasion of new illegal immigrants but also force the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country to self-deport themselves and return to their country of origin. No Border Wall or massive forceful deportation will be necessary. 

Before the simple enforcement of E-Verify can commence though, some conditions must be met: 

Dreamer’s must be legalized and given a short path to official US Citizenship. 

Illegal Non-US Citizen Family members of Dreamers and US Citizens must be given a path to legalization which should include a penalty equaling or exceeding the cost of legal immigration into the US.  

Legal Immigration into the US must be simplified and sped-up as well as seasonal worker visas issued to needed seasonal migrant workers. 

Serving in the US Military must be made a path to US Citizenship. 

And finally, in order to curb illegal immigration on a lasting and effective basis, the constitutional birth right citizenship must eventually be amended and revised in the US Constitution. 

It’s as simple as that. 

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