Friday, October 6, 2017

Bump and Slide Fire Stocks

Instead of re-hashing the age old discussion about gun control with the same old pro and contra arguments I see the urgent need of talking about an issue of which many have not been aware.

As an almost life long firearms owner I have been aware of “Bump Fire Stocks” and other enhancements to modify semi automatic rifles for rapid or automatic fire. However, I have never owned such a device nor have I ever fired a rifle enhanced with any such device. 

Until now, I was convinced that owning a fully automatic firearm without a Federal License was a Federal Crime and Felony, punishable to the fullest extend of Federal Law. 

Having now looked closer into the operation of said “Bump Fire Stocks”, mostly by watching videos and reading articles, I find myself unable to differentiate between the cycling rate of illegal fully automatic rifles and the rapid fire rate of legal “Bump Fire” rifles.

Now after the Strip Massacre with the devastating use of “Bump Fire Stock” enhanced rifles, we seem hard pressed to come to a sane and rational decision about fully automatic rifles and rapid fire enhanced rifles.

Either deregulate both or place Federal regulations on both before everyone gets such enhancements. To do nothing would really reek of insanity.

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