Thursday, March 21, 2013

Corruption deepens within the LPN

By Elmer Whittaker


In an ever deepening conspiracy of the Executive Committee (Ex-Com) of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) to retain their strangle hold of the LPN and its membership, the Ex-Com has now widened its corruption not only of the party itself but especially of the election process for a new leadership at the upcoming 2013 Libertarian Party of Nevada State Convention on April 27, 2013.
The LPN Treasurer Kurt Brackop has now started to reject and refund LPN member registrations to the LPN convention to prevent member attendance at the event and to avoid a larger turnout in the elections of a new LPN Executive Committee, out of justified fear that the incumbent committee would be voted out of office and shunned.  

As I have already detailed the problems within the LPN in my prior blog entries First Impressions of the LPN and Current Problems within the LPN the current Ex-Com moves further and further away with this additional harassment, from observance of LPN’s own bylaws. 

In spite me being a full recognized and dues paying member in good standing of the LPN my convention registration was rejected because I had used my Arizona and second residence to register as my debit card is still associated with that address. The official reason for rejection was “Ineligible – Out of State Resident”.
There is no legitimate reason in the LPN’s bylaws, nor has there been an illegitimate reason that was required by the Ex-Com for attendants to the LPN convention to be residents of the State of Nevada. Aside from that, using an out of state address to register does not equal not being a Nevada resident. Many people have multiple residencies.  

When registering for the convention on the LPN website I followed the precise instructions for LPN members to register for the convention. There is no separate procedure for delegates (voting members).
It would be laughable if only Nevada resident were eligible to attend the convention. 
After the rejection of apparently a number of registrations the telephone number provided on the registration to call the Treasurer Kurt Brackop with any questions has been removed and only an e-mail address remains. The attendance or voting fee for convention registration has now gone up from $65 to $95 for registrations received after March 20.  Hence, here is a copy of my e-mail response to Kurt Brackop’s rejection of my convention registration. 
From: Elmer Whittaker []
Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2013 1:43 PM
To: 'Kurt Brackob'
Subject: RE: Libertarian Party of Nevada Customer Refund Notification

Kurt Brackob.

On the registration page on LPN website it states clearly: "Proceed to Member / Delegate Registration" I have followed registration procedures outlaid on the LPN website precisely and fulfill all requirements of being a fully dues paid member of the LPN. How many residences I have and which address my debit card bears is no consequence when registering as a LPN member for the LPN convention. No ID, no proof of NV residency, no NV voter registration is required to merle register for the convention as a LPN member.

If on April 27 between 8am – 9am I can verify that I fulfill all requirements to be a LPN delegate (NV Voter Registration for at least 30 days prior, NV State ID, dues paid LPN member) I must be allowed to register as delegate at that time and be eligible to vote.

I demand my LPN convention registration as a LPN member in good standing for $65 be accepted.

Should the rejection of my original convention registration for $65 cost me any additional and unduly funds, I will personally sue you as an individual in a court of law, for any damages caused.

Elmer Whittaker
The names of the individuals comprising the current LPN Ex-Com who participate in this apparent election and power scam in complete disregard of the party’s own bylaws are as follows: 
  • Chairman Joseph P. Silvestri
  • Vice Chair Chris Roberts
  • Treasurer Kurt Brackob
  • Secretary Jared Lord
  • At Large Representative Irv Hopkins 
Let them forever be marked as unscrupulous, corrupt and power hungry individuals in the annals of the Libertarian Party. They cannot be trusted again for neither internal nor public office.
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