Monday, March 11, 2013

My Political Activism for Liberty and Justice

By Elmer Whittaker 

I became politically active rather late in life and not quite voluntarily, after having become the victim of police and judicial corruption numerous times in 2009/10 in Mohave County, AZ where I lived during that period, and Lubbock County, TX some 1000 miles away from where I lived. 

In August 2009 Kingman Police Officer Arron Cowin and KAAP fabricated a case against me that was maliciously prosecuted by Kingman City Prosecutor Dunkin J. Rose for seven months before having to dismiss the charges just days before trial. 

Arron Cowin is said to work for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department now. 
After filing a complaint with the FBI against Kingman Police Chief Robert DeVries, I was assaulted twice by the son of the KPD Police Chief, Mohave County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron DeVries and Mohave County Sheriff’s Sergeant Don Bischoff who had threatened my life earlier.   

This time the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office fabricated a case against me which then was maliciously prosecuted by the Mohave County Attorney’s Office for yet another seven months before having to dismiss these charges as well just days before trial. 

I went public about the police and judicial corruption in the Mohave County News Media right from the beginning but choose in particular to make my name known publicly after my life had been threatened and with that became politically active in Mohave County. 

Realizing how corrupt our law enforcement, judicial branches and political organizations really are and how easily someone’s constitutional rights can be violated and shredded while the victim is often almost helpless against the onslaught of corruption is the real scary part of my experience.
I organized the “We The People Of Mohave County” activist group to promote liberty and justice and to fight the out of control corruption in the county. It wasn’t until I helped promoting and supporting a new Sheriff’s candidate to challenge long time Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan when I really started to make lots of enemies coming from within the Mohave County Republican Party which really is the root of all corruption in Mohave County. 

When my intention to start a chapter of the Arizona Libertarian Party in Mohave County which is predominantly ruled by the Republican Party, became known, several organized smear campaigns were started to prevent a Libertarian Party chapter. Fortunately, the leadership of the Arizona Libertarian Party immediately saw through the intentions of the republican smear campaign. 

In regards of smear campaigns, lies and slander, I must mention Republican PC and delegate Sharon Holmes and former Republican District Director Steven Robinson, the latter being a particular nasty cancer in Mohave County’s political landscape. 

Although I was not then and am not now, interested to serve as an officer or chairman of a Libertarian Party chapter or run for any public office, I saw the urgent need for a third party in Mohave County, besides the very small number of democrats. 

That the plans of starting a Mohave County Libertarian chapter never came to fruition was then not the result of smear campaigns but a simple but definite lack of interest on parts of the Mohave County people. 

During that time I was particularly active on Facebook and saw it as an excellent medium for political activism. In order to vote for Ron Paul in the republican primaries I change from being a Libertarian and became a registered Republican. Although having been a registered Republican voter, I was removed and banned from most of Arizona’s Republican Facebook groups including the Arizona Republican Liberty Caucus by administrator Ken Rineer and in all cases, not for the use of bad language or name calling or anything there like, but solely for uttering my not so humbled opinions. The Facebook groups that I was removed and banned from included not only right wing groups like the “Arizona Committee of Safety” and the “Oath Keepers” of which I was a due paying member, but also left leaning groups like “Occupy Kingman” and “Occupy Havasu”. 

Truth and outspokenness is clearly not appreciated in today’s political scene and probably never was. Liberty however, cannot be built and flourish on a foundation of lies, deceit and corruption, I think. 

I am currently on the move to relocate back to Las Vegas, NV where I had already lived some 15 years before moving to Arizona. I just recently joined the Libertarian Party of Nevada. Due to my bad experiences and victimization I am particularly interested in ending corruption and promoting liberty and justice for all.

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