Thursday, June 5, 2014

White Cross Drugs

by Elmer Whittaker 

Late one afternoon, coming from a doctor’s visit, I felt this urgent need for some comfort food. I was around the Las Vegas Blvd./Oakey Blvd. area, when I remembered the coffee shop at White Cross Drugs Pharmacy. I know, that doesn’t sound very appealing for a coffee shop but I’m sure the old-timers amongst us will remember.  

The White Cross Drugs Coffee Shop used to be a secret hotspot tip for some of the best and most plentiful food around the clock in Las Vegas all the way through the nineties. Although the pharmacy has been replaced by a Liquor and Smoke Store, the old coffee shop is just about unchanged from the time I started to frequent it some 25 years ago. 

Although the owners have change and gave it a new name with “Tiffany’s CafĂ©” I am most happy to report that even the food is a good and plentiful as it used to be. Much to my sadness though, the best short order cook I have ever known, “Jimmy” has passed away, his replacement “Omar” is keeping Jimmy’s cooking art alive and well remembered. 

Even many of the signs, cooking appliances and other memorabilia are still the same from when Jimmy performed magic. And yes, they still serve the best ½ lbs Burgers in Las Vegas and much of the food of the virtually unchanged menu is still homemade and absolutely fresh. 

Take it from me and check out an old Las Vegas hideout with some of the best food you can get, next time you’re thinking about eating out no matter what time of day. 

For me it was a truly enjoyable trip down memory lane.
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