Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Increased, more Potent and Dramatic Activism

By Elmer Whittaker

The past few weeks have been particularly upsetting to me as I am still very sensitive and emotionally engaged personally, when it comes to matters of corruption, abuse of power and blatant injustices.  

Considering just the “Whistleblower” Joe Morgan Story, the Becca Martin Story and the Ashley Wilcox Story to name just a few bring memories back of my own run in with our injustice system along with a feeling of helplessness. Those stories are just the tip of an iceberg of injustices, corruption and tyranny. 

I think it’s great that so many people here on Facebook care, spread the word, start petitions, collect signatures, make donations and attend court hearings to show their support.  

But in the end our corrupt injustice system along with their enabling politicians and their enforcers the police forces will care little about our efforts and continued to do what they had intended to do all along. 

Yes, the bad publicity and activism of various activists and groups is a thorn in the eyes of injustice and corruption and they will try to remove and silence these thorns before they become a bigger threat to their power. 

But let’s face it, in spite that the so called authorities are already responding to political activists and groups with harassments, intimidation and other sorts of action is more the result of two dubious strangers who fought their own misguided war against the enforcers of our injustice system by retaliating against and killing two unrelated Metro Police Officers. 

In spite of the people’s right to vote and elect officials, in spite petitions and signatures and showing support by attending court hearings in supports of the victims of injustice, and in spite of spreading the messages on social media, all this alone will still not be enough to defeat the forces of corruption, injustice and tyranny. 

Other, more potent and drastic ways and actions will have to be taken to assure liberty and justice for all, alone in Clark County, short of a bloody revolution. No matter what these actions in the end will be, the only way we might ever succeed is in unity and not in partisanship. 

“United we stand. Divided we fall further.”
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