Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Challenge For The Liars

By Elmer Whittaker 

“Anyone accusing me of lies and speaking anything but the truth is welcome to present the evidence. But make no mistake about it, I will use private messages and emails without hesitations and post them publicly to expose any and all lies and slander about me. I see absolutely nothing wrong or unethical with that when faced with slander and lies. Not even if it’s the messages or emails of your friends who are covering up for your lies. Try me!”

Some people might wonder what had brought upon my posting and challenge right after the elections when many people including me are yearning for some respite and relaxation after a most stressful election season. 

It was a rather angry, frustrated but equally delusional posting made by George William Hicks in the "Clark County Republican Party Facebook Group" in which he blamed the reason for Mary Beth Scow’s victory over Cindy Lake on Joe Hardy Sr. who he claimed endorsed Mary Beth Scow and of course on CCRP Chairman David McKeon and NVGOP Chairman Michael McDonald for apparently endorsing Joe Hardy Jr. 

I couldn’t help myself but to provocatively but truthfully replying to George William Hicks posting with my own version of an interpretation for Mary Beth Scow defeating Cindy Lake and Susan Brager being victorious in Clark County Commission District F. Here is my reply:

“I really think your anger might be a little misdirected here George Williams Hicks. You seem to completely overlook Tasha Heath’s role and responsibility with her big uncontrollable mouth which almost single handedly handed the victory to Mary Beth Scow. 

A puny 1066 votes or 1.78% of the votes I could have easily made up with a coordinated online campaign even back in my apprentice days. 

Personally speaking though and in hindsight, I think I owe Tasha Heath some gratitude for me not pushing the Cindy Lake Campaign to victory. A job well done, Tasha Heath. Keep on running your mouth! 

Lastly however, some credit for Mary Beth Scow’s and Susan Brager’s victories should also be given to Jason Smith who didn’t care about anyone else but himself or what damage he might cause to other candidates’ campaigns with his ruthlessness. More so at least than blaming David McKeon and Michael McDonald for Cindy Lake’s loss.”

My reply of course brought out the usual Cindy Lake cultists who naturally continued their attacks on me along with Jason Smith, Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada who apparently has made it his life purpose to fabricate ever new lies about me in hopes to completely discredit me.  

Continuously fabricating new lies and smears about a person in order to discredit him is of course not a new but certainly effective technique and tactic because the more and bigger lies and fabrications you tell about a person, something always gets stuck in the mind of the unknowing reader of these lies eventually effectively discrediting the victim of such smear campaigns with many people.  

George William Hicks himself decided later on to delete his posting in the Clark County Republican Party Facebook Group along with its entire long and ugly thread. 

Although I never ran for any public or party office nor for any position of power and in spite that I do not seek any financial gain with the operation of the "Clark County Politics Facebook Group" as I equally did not with “We The People Of Mohave County” in Arizona, I have been the victim of vicious and malicious smear campaigns before and had like with Jason Smith utter fanatics so afraid of me exposing the truth about them, a political party or organization or the corruption of elected officials and candidates whom they support, that they made it their life’s purpose to smear me with never-ending new lies and fabrications. None of those people ever could come up with any sort of reasonable motive for whatever it is they are accusing me off other than me being narcissistic or a psychopath of which I can assure everyone that I am not and neither am I delusional. 

The only motive and motivation as a multiple victim of judicial, law enforcement and political corruption, police misconduct and brutality as well as threats from law enforcement to my life that I have for doing what it is I am doing, is to tell the truth and nothing but the truth while exposing corruption and lies where and whenever I encounter them. 

While malicious slander and libel are not victimless crimes and immoral as well as unethical at best, in Nevada and in Arizona, they also do not conform to the libertarian non-aggression principle. It is however virtually hope and pointless to seek legal remedy against the people committing the slander and libel, prove any damages or even just to get an effective seize and desist order against them and the perpetrators are usually very well aware of this. 

The only recourse victims of slander and libel as well as smear campaigns usually have, is by responding with the truth and expose as many lies or corruption as possible. While not even the most concrete evidence will convince everyone and many people choose to believe what seems most convenient for them, especially those who are friends with the perpetrator or in any way involved in the smear campaign or covering up the truth, there are also many people who will know the truth when they hear and see it. 

And last not least, the truth is the truth and the truth shall prevail and if I don’t stand up for the truth, then who will? 

Unbeknownst to most, immediately after the election results came out last night, I unblocked most people that I had blocked on Facebook and unbanned most people who were banned from the Clark County Politics Facebook Group in an attempt to not take the bad blood into the next election season in 2016. Having been unbanned from Clark County Politics however does not mean that once exiled people are automatically readmitted as members, but at least (almost) nobody is prevented from reading the public postings in this group. 

Regardless if anyone takes on my challenge posted here in the Clark County Politics and the Clark County Republican Party Facebook Groups to show any evidence of me being untruthful, I will expose any and all lies that I can repudiate with some sort of evidence or another.  

Any further releases to the subject at hand as well as further discussion will be posted to the Clark County Politics Facebook Group.

If the airing of truth and in some cases the cleaning of dirty laundry is distasteful or disturbing to you, simply do not read those postings. 

Thank you for your consideration.
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