Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tasha Heath & Cindy Lake: Ungraceful, Ungrateful and Shameful

Tasha Heath
By Elmer Whittaker 

Never in my wildest dream could I imagine that someday someone would laugh and supposedly disbelieve me when revealing that my original acquired profession is that of a “marketer”. I mean I didn’t exactly claim to have been an astronaut, a racecar driver or a rocket scientist. But there you have it. 

Although I do not normally tell everyone what my original profession is unless it comes up in a conversation or whatever I did tell Cindy and Jay Lake after I accepted the nomination as Social Media Coordinator for the Cindy Lake Campaign. The more experienced Steve Esh had already figured that out by himself. 

Apparently though, they forgot to tell Southern Nevada Watchdog’s Tasha Heath about that minor detail who put her foot so elegantly in her mouth in the Clark County Republicans Facebook Group. But, that was not a problem, for them. They simply created a new clever lie to cover-up for it.  

Aside from a few highly disturbing “likes”, Cindy Lake herself only has only single line in this excerpt of postings, but this one single line tells more about Cindy Lake than an entire book could:

Tasha Heath: How many votes did you get for a month of your memes? I mean really?!? And if you are going to take credit and say you could have gotten 1,066 votes by your crappy social media that pissed off more than actually got vote then perhaps you should give US credit for kicking ass with complete grassroots effort. GTFO Elmer. 

We have all put up with YOUR LIES and YOUR DELUSIONS and we are all done. 

November 7 at 3:46pm · 4 Cindy Lake, George William Hicks, Cindy Brown, Mike McFadden, 

Elmer Whittaker: Awww Tasha you didn’t like my work? What a pitty. Thanks to you nominating me for Social Media Coordinator, Cindy Lake got lucky enough to get her campaign started with at least one professional who was able to work like on a day and night 24/7 full time basis and who knew pretty well what he was doing. The success and fruits of my labor should have been obvious even to space cadets like you Tasha.  

Of course and that is not really your fault, you had and still have no idea about of how much I was doing. Cindy actually offered to compensate me and if I wouldn’t be as good and confident in my acquired profession as I am I wouldn’t go bragging around that I could have easily made up the apparently now only 1026 votes. 

It is not every day that someone gets as lucky as Cindy Lake to have a highly trained, skilled and experienced marketing and advertising campaign expert with extensive social media experience agrees to work without compensation on her online campaign just to be influenced by some space cadet who cannot control her mouth and winds up alienating her only full time volunteer that he decides to quit working on her campaign. 

One way or another Cindy Lake is ultimately and solely responsible for her own action and decisions no matter how stupid and self-mutilating and damaging they turned out to be. 

That now brings me to a most interesting question. What actually did you think would happen if you attacked me publicly and tried to pull my integrity through the mud, just between one campaign volunteer to another and apparently somehow talked Cindy into thinking that continuously attacking me would not in the end effect and damage her campaign? 

You knew about the problems between Jason and me long before you nominated me and witness countless arguments between us, without ever interfering or getting in the middle of it. Only complete space cadets can be as stupid as to pull off what you pulled off! 

And since you accused me of lying Tasha, please prove just one single lie. Just one. 

November 7 at 4:52pm · Like

Tasha Heath: Bahaha highly trained and skilled marketer? Your blog page has like a hundred likes and your other page didn't get all of those likes on your own so obviously you've failed. Stop being a narcissist thinking you had any pull as to whether Cindy won or lost. I'm not arguing because we all know the truth, we all have told our sides of the story plus you are nothing and have zero clout so it's a waste of my time. I believe in free speech for everyone so just keep burying yourself and we all will keep laughing. 

November 7 at 5:00pm · Like · 2 Cindy Lake, Cindy Brown, 

Elmer Whittaker: Keep on laughing Tasha, smoke a few more joints and down another bottle till you pass out again and hold on tight to your illusion that I spent my life doing nothing. 

Aside from that I'll take it you cannot prove one single lie. Not one. 

November 7 at 5:12pm · Edited · Like

Tasha Heath: I have to apologize to everyone. I felt horribly sorry for how depressed Elmer was so we decided to give him a "project" to keep him busy and hopefully cheer him up. We decided he was always online so perhaps he would be a good social media coordinator.... That's the truth and I'm so regretting it now, sorry guys. 

November 7 at 7:08pm · Like · 2 Cindy Lake, Liberty Shirl,

Cindy Lake: Truth ^^^^^^^^^^ no good deed goes unpunished. 

November 7 at 7:18pm · 4 George William Hicks, Christopher Hisgen, Tasha Heath, Liberty Shirl, Cindy Brown,

Elmer Whittaker: Oh Cindy, Cindy. What a f****** lie! How low can you stoop? 

November 7 at 7:35pm · Like 

Elmer Whittaker: That's ok Cindy. I'll just go on. There are and will be people reading this postings and lies and this complete loss of integrity might hunt you forever. 

November 7 at 7:40pm · Like
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