Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Oppression, Exploitation and Injustices in America

By Elmer Whittaker

From the Native American tribes and the black African slaves over the Chinese who paved the railroads way west with their lives, over Irish and Italian immigrants over the Jim Crow Laws, the KKK and the lynching of supposedly free black citizens, to the Japanese internment camps; From the pioneer days of the lawless west, the Mexicans, the child labor at the expense of education and childhood to the poverty wages without any sort of insurance or healthcare working in intolerable conditions to the sweat shops filled with women who were denied almost any rights, this Nation was not only a questionable and supposedly “shinning” example of democracy but also a shocking warning that greed, lack of compassion and ruthlessness, can and does bring out the worst in unscrupulous people. 
In spite of the ingenious and farsighted Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution with its Bill of Rights of our Founding Fathers, people, entrepreneurs, politicians and bankers  have always found ways around it. The United States of America has never become corrupt, it has in fact always been corrupt and oppression as well as exploitation have always been the symptoms of it. Injustice has always been a major part of the American society which has always and notoriously favored the wealthy. 

America was built on the backs, blood, sweat and lives of the masses that have always been discriminated against in some form or another and racism is even older and more American as our Nation itself. 

Yes, the degrees and faces of racism, discrimination, oppression, exploitation and injustices have changed and are continue to change and are now more prevalent in certain areas or cities than in others, but it is still as real as it always was. 

To the still prevalent misconception of the masses, injustice, racism, discrimination, oppression and exploitation is not a problem of Democrats vs Republicans as we can easily see on their historically obvious changing of ideologies and stances on issues. Both parties are in fact owned and controlled by one and the same interest group, the Banksters, who also own the Federal Reserve and the Military Industrial Complex and who are in need of a constant influx of cheap and exploitable labor. 

Thru the invention of the Internet and the arise of the communication age as well dubious occurrences of 9/11 it the opposing factions have shifted away from poor uneducated minorities,  predominantly blacks vs the exploiting corporations to one of “We The People” against the Police State of an increasingly tyrannical and overbearing government which as we already know is owned and controlled by the Banksters who also own the Federal Reserve and the Military Industrial Complex bringing everything full circle. 

In closing I hope that I have not raised more questions than I have answered, but for those who have awaken from the government’s indoctrinations, propaganda and the continued dividing of the masses with the two party system, it is clear and present to see and experience.

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