Friday, February 6, 2015

Operation Sommerregen

Bundeswehr Special Forces
By Elmer Whittaker

I recently came about a German documentary about the real involvement of the German Military, the “Bunderswehr” in the war in Afghanistan of which extend and intensity I was not really aware until watching this German language documentary.

However, the extend of the German Bundeswehr in the Afghanistan War also known as Operation Enduring Freedom from 2001 – supposedly 2014 was not the reason which prompted this blog.

The reason which was really extremely shocking to me in spite of my knowledge of general  government crimes, lies and deceptions seen all through history, was so secret and sinister that I could not find much about it on Google.

Let me digress. After Germany’s and Japan’s unconditional surrender to the allied forces ending World War II in 1945 the military and the governments of both defeated countries were disbanded and placed under allied governance. Due to the reconstruction efforts of Germany and Japan and the fast ensuing Cold War with the Soviet Union sovereign democratic governments with an American modeled constitution were erected in 1947 for Japan and 1949 for Germany.

Both countries were naturally endowed with its own military, which both were meant to be pacifist militaries for strictly defensive purposes only. Because of that the Japanese Military was renamed from Imperial Japanese Military to Japanse Defense Forces and the German Army was renamed from “Wehrmacht” (Defense Force) to “Bundeswehr” (Federal Defense) while the other German Military branches remained as they were as “Luftwaffe” (Air Force) and “Marine” (Navy), to emphasis their different nature from their old images of World War II.

The American sponsored constitutions of both countries, Japan and Germany had and as far as I know still have specific amendments pledging a strictly defensive purpose of their militaries which prohibited both countries never to wage a war of aggression again while even prohibiting the soldiers of both countries to serve in or occupy foreign countries.

While it is common knowledge that German Peacekeepers have been deployed to Bosnia/Herzegovina as part of the UN Peacekeeping force from 1992 – 2004 which apparently did not violate the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany this was apparently not the first time that parts of the German Military the “Bundeswehr” was deployed to foreign countries since the end of WW II and that even in an aggressive war/conflict in a foreign country.

In 1981 the German Intelligence Agency BND (Bundes Nachrichten Dienst) led German Special Forces of the Bundeswehr, most secretly into a war of aggression against the Soviet Union under the code name “Operation Sommerregen” (Summer Rain), when it deployed their Special Forces alongside the Mujahedeen which included combat action against the Soviet Military in Afghanistan which lasted until the end of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in 1998.

Operation Summerregen was so secret that it took until 2013 for first details to leak to the public.   

This to me is yet another example, that no constitutional amendment can restrict a government from violating its own constitution and from crimes, lies and deceit unless the perpetrators are faced with drastic consequences.

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