Thursday, December 18, 2014

Citizens, Cops and Cop Apologists

By Elmer Whittaker  

The long past due outcry over police misconduct, brutality and outright murder has never been about neither Michael Brown, Eric Garner nor Tamir Rice in specific. The current protests against police abuse and police state in our country has been brewing ever since the Rodney King beating in 1992 and has steadily built up pressure with the increased use of video, cell phone and surveillance cameras which clearly and undisputedly shows everyone who chooses to see the enormity of injustices and crimes committed against the American people, by the governments police state forces. 9/11 and the Patriot Acts have seriously stepped up the intensity and violence of today’s police state.

There are virtually hundreds of thousands free videos alone on YouTube documenting crimes and violations committed by the police forces. All one has to do is look and watch. It is utterly impossible for any rational person to excuse most of those crimes caught on video, unless one simply has nefarious intentions of covering up and with that enabling police corruption.

Some people still like to hold on to the old saying there are just some bad cops admits all the good cops, and that most cops are really good cops. Just watch the few videos  posted  in this commentary, and you can easily see that those incidents are not isolated nor committed by just a few cops without the help or cover of other cops who make themselves accomplice to the crimes by sheltering and protecting the perpetrator. Until the majority of the cops are willing and do actually turn in the criminal cops, there are no more good cops.

While there was a time when those atrocities were committed mainly in the minority communities, in particular the black community, the minority communities are no longer the exceptions and the threat of police brutality and misconduct has engulfed the entire nation regardless of race, sex, age, social status etc. although the black community still bears the brunt of it. Today however, it is a problem which affects each and every one of us.

Slowly even some of the cop apologists are starting to worry and now calling for better training with cultural awareness of the police forces. But when watching some of these presented video evidence for which each there are thousands of cases which were never even caught on video, one must ask themselves the unavoidable question of what good improved training and cultural awareness is, as most crimes committed by the police forces are so clearly against human, individual and constitutional right as well as any morality and compassion, that it is no longer possible for these perpetrator to claim they did not know any better.

The problem is that the police forces know a lot better than that,  ever since they grew up as kids, having been taught better by parents and school. But still commit these crimes simply because they know they can get away with it. Our corrupt judicial and prosecutorial system and the leadership of the police forces assure the criminals a free pass and protect them from any consequences.

Better training and cultural awareness has is great and has its place, but to put an end to judicial, prosecutorial, police and even political corruption, laws and procedures need to be changed.

Our justice system needs to be overhauled and judicial and prosecutorial immunity done away with. Independent citizen commissions with judicial and prosecutorial powers need to be placed in charge of police misconduct investigations. The currently utterly worthless concept of Grand Juries must be revamp so it can serve the people and not the corrupt government.

Elected and sworn in officials and public servants must be held to higher standards and sentenced accordingly and harsher than their civilian counter parts.

There is no other way around it, unless you want to wait until the oppressed people take up arms, like in the French Revolution, and give the horrible term of “lynching” a new meaning. 

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