Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Republicrat Deception

By Elmer Whittaker 

Without even going further into the presidential mis-elections of 2000, in the presidential elections of 2004 challenger John Kerry was defeated by incumbent President George W. Bush after John Kerry’s surprising concession in spite and in gross opposite of his announced intentions of challenging the dubious results.

President Bush was reelected in spite that is was publicly known back then already that the Bush Administration lied and misled the American people into the illegal invasion of Iraq with false claims of WMD’s, Iraq’s untrue involvement in 9/11 and fabricated charges that Iraq was acquiring and building nuclear weapons. Not even to mention the rape of our constitution starting with the Patriot Act.

During the entire presidential campaign I was baffled that the Democratic Party seemingly failed to uncover and convey to the American voter ship the crimes and the abhorrent constitutional violations of the Bush Administration. Even more puzzling to me was former President William Clinton’s open friendship and praise for George W. Bush during that campaign.

Then back during the presidential campaign of 2008 a candidate emerged who seemingly could not have been more different and opposed to President George W. Bush and his policies. Barrack Obama and his then mantra and promise to change Washington took our nation by storm and was ultimately elected President of the United States of America.

But soon the shocking realization set in that Barrack Obama was simply continuing George W. Bush’s policies, extending and renewing the Patriot Acts, Guantanamo Bay, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Bush’s immigration politics while even adding his own constitutional violations with NDAA, the NSA and IRS Scandals, Drone assassinations and attacks around the world engaging the US Armed Forces in a record number of countries throughout the world, not even mentioning “Operation Fast and Furious” or god forbid Benghazi.

Fed-up with Barrack Obama’s over reaches and violations the people now turn back to the Republican Party in hope of remedies for the increasing encroachment of the Federal Government and higher taxes like “Obama Care” in the mid-term elections just to find that elected Republican’s increase the Tax Burden to the maximum completely ignoring what they had vowed and promised during their campaigns.

Can you not yet imagine how bad our next President will be no matter who it might be?

For me, the Vietnam War was always cause to distrust our government. Watergate, Iran Contra, the misleading reasons for Operation Desert Strom, the perjury scandal about Monica Lewinsky and then finally the still unanswered questions about 9/11 were all wake-up calls for me. But nothing made it clearer to me that our Presidents and Government are indeed owned and controlled by a Shadow Government made out of Banksters and the Ultra-Rich, then Barrack Obama’s adherence to the Bush policies right after been sworn in as President.

What will it take for all of you, to realize that continuing to support the Two Party Tyranny and voting for their candidates will only get us further down the rabbit hole?

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