Thursday, May 26, 2016

Conspiracy Theories

By Elmer Whittaker

There have been and are many conspiracy theories out there and many people who believe in their factuality. As with anything else, sometimes people get obsessed with conspiracy theories while others keep an open mind and base their findings on years of research. Many conspiracy theories will always remain just that, conspiracy theories, while many others have been and will continue to be proven true.

 It is a fact that conspiracies have been part of humanity as far back as humanity’s existence, in particular political conspiracies. Conspiracies and conspiracy theories are part of the human experience. Often it takes many years or decades for many conspiracy theories to be proven true, and hence large parts of the citizenry ignore those findings as old history without giving them proper consideration and implications into nowadays.

Unfortunately, there are those who consider all conspiracy theories and theorists as pure phantasy and nutjobs. Again, fantastic, outlandish and farfetched theories are out there. Plenty of them, as are nutjobs who obsess on them. But a large part of conspiracy theorist are in fact critical thinkers who have retained their ability to think for themselves and question authority and the propaganda of the political establishment and the main stream media, in spite of all attempts of indoctrination. Many of those critical thinkers are known as dissidents, intellectuals and those who experienced or became victims of said conspiracies.

Especially those who are not completely satisfied and content with our government’s investigation and findings about the tragedy of 9/11 have long been put into the category of nutjobs as the “Truther Movement”. Albeit, not only since the latest developments with the Saudi Arabian connection or even involvement is it clear that we the people, still do not know the entire truth about 9/11.

On top of all those conspiracy theories that have been proven true in the past there are many conspiracy theories today which have already been proven partially true or give serious reasons for concern and further investigation. To name a few:

Vaccinations; GMO’s; Monsanto; the Federal Reserve; Geoengineering; Agenda 21; Water Fluoridation; Wars and the Military Industrial Complex; CIA; NSA; Banksters, the Rothschild’s and a Shadow Government; Rigged Elections; the War on Drugs, the Prison Industrial Complex, 9/11 and many others. 

Don’t misunderstand me here. I’m not proclaiming all conspiracy theories are factual and true. Many simply are not. In fact, it is my sincerest believe that governments and/or government entities intentionally create new conspiracy theories even where no conspiracies are, in order to discredit conspiracy theorists in general or to lead them astray.

But there are so many issues that demand our attention and research and those who reject all conspiracy theories and theorist as “nuts” are completely missing the point and do no favors to anyone but the real conspiracists.

There is so much we the ordinary citizens do not know or are not told about by our governments and other entities and we the people deserve and demand to know.

Keep an open mind and question everything! Demand the truth!
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