Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Warning Heard Around The World

By Elmer Whittaker

Today’s stunning results of the United Kingdom’s referendum to leave the European Union (EU) must be a final warning and wake-up call to the rest of the western civilization. The BREXIT movement in England was mainly a result of Nationalism and the inability to protect its borders against the flood of Islamic refugees which clearly brings along scores of radical Muslims and disguised ISIS fighters.

Great Brittan’s decision to leave might very well bring along a split-off of Scotland, who voted with great majority to remain in the EU, in spite that Scotland just recently voted to remain part of the UK.

Although not even the British themselves have fully digested the shock and real implications of their decision, the win of the Nationalist movement in England will almost indivertibly lead to the strengthening of Nationalist movements throughout Europe, especially countries who are most severely affected by the flood of Islamic refugees. Countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and others.

England’s break away from the EU might in fact be radical Islam’s biggest victory to date! Yes, President Obama, ignoring the obvious truth by not speaking, naming and identifying the real problem, does not make it go away, but intensify it. It is an integrate part of problem solving to first identify a problem, its roots and causes, in order to be able to fix it. 

NATO and the EU have assured an unprecedented period of peace in Europe of over 70 years. A started break-up of the EU which already was in crisis through Greece’s bankruptcy, might very well lead to a beginning of a dissolution of NATO depending on the strengthening of Europe’s Nationalist movements who all seek to ultimately control and defend their borders against the flood of Islamic refugees who brought about a clash of civilizations. Let us not forget the innumerable wars fought in Europe not only in the 20th Century and learn from England’s break-away from the EU and let us implement the right consequences and solutions before our partisanship hands an ultimate victory to radical Islam.

Donald Trump’s rise and success in the US, which still reminds me on the rise of Adolf Hitler, is obviously not an isolated phenomenon restricted only to the United States. Let us fix the problems before Donald Trump gets to implement his solutions.

As of this writing over 3 million Brittan’s have already filed for a petition of a new referendum. 

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