Tuesday, June 21, 2016

America’s Political Oligarchy

By Elmer Whittaker

I’m not an all knowing oracle nor do I have any classified information that is not available to everyone. Sometimes I seriously have to re-evaluate my believes and conclusions, but in the end always seem to come up with confirming my believes, although I cannot yet fit every piece into the puzzle or explain many things going on in our political system.

Regardless, I firmly believe that both major parties along with the White House, the Senate and the Congress are owned and controlled by one and the same interest group. The Banksters who own the Federal Reserve, the Military and the Prison Industrial Complex, the big Corporations and the big Media outlets or the Main Street Media.

Their power, manipulation and influence reaches from the very top of our political pyramid all the way down to local party chapters. The Banksters ultimately control, rig and decide our election process. Our presidents are selected by The Banksters and not elected by the people.

The opposing major two parties are nothing but an illusion of choice and are meant to keep “We The People” divided. Any new political parties and political movements will be co-opted, manipulated and corrupted the very same way it has been done probably since the establishment of our latest Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, since 1913.

The Banksters favorite choice of manipulating and corrupting is, how else could it be, money.

How else could anyone explain that after years and years of citizen complaints and movements against money in politics that suddenly the Supreme Court would come up with their insane connotation of pouring even more money into our political system with Citizens United?

Not much really happens in our political system and country that is not really in alliance with The Banksters agenda. If it wouldn’t have suited The Banksters, Obamacare would have never passed. It is here to stay and any promises of candidates to repeal Obamacare are futile at best.

Look at Illegal Immigration. If it wouldn’t be within the agenda of The Banksters, a sensible immigration reform would have passed many years ago. Look at our southern border. 15 years after 9/11 the start of the “War on Terror” and 45 years after the start of the “War on Drugs” our southern border is as open and un-secured as it has always been. Look at our judicial system of “in-justice”.

Alone the “War on Drugs” and then the “War on Terror” have now achieved to what citizen protests of the late sixties and early seventies have forced an end to. The Vietnam war, which would have been the first basis for a never ending war as we find us in now.

Unless “We The People” find a way to change our political system and get the money out of politics, nothing will really change and the artificial and indoctrinated partisan hatred will continue, all to the advantage of The Banksters, who fear nothing more than a United People.

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