Monday, June 27, 2016

Curbing Political Corruption

By Elmer Whittaker

 I have long propagated and implemented for myself the best solution and formula that I was able to deliberate in order to curb political, judicial and simple all kind of corruption by elected officials and public servants and that there is really only one way that will lead to ultimate success.

Although it has made me, in the seven years that I am fighting to curb corruption now, more enemies, more unpopular and in many cases more hated, then I ever imagined possible. I have lost many, whom I had thought of friends and allies and have in fact received many threats to my life and health.

Today I am still not sure if it is worth it, but the alternative of silence, complacency, apathy and simply submitting to injustices, fraud, deceit, dishonesty and outright force are simply not a way that I could follow and remain in peace with myself.

The conclusion, reasoning and method is rather simple. As long as we elect, re-elect and support dishonest candidates for any public office, the corruption will not only continue but increase. It’s as simple as that. If we elect support and enable dishonesty, then corruption is what we shall get and perhaps is what we deserve.

There are so many candidates and incumbents competing for public office who have been caught in deceit, dishonesty and corruption, but may it be through party affiliation, the false promises for a better future, simple name recognition or good looks and popularity, get elected or even re-elected in complete disregard of their dishonesty.

In many cases there are not even any consequences for those who abuse their office for corruption and often outright criminal activity. No accountability, no legal consequences, often not even public condemnation. Instead we re-elect those same people and even help them rise to more powerful offices.

If a candidate has shown a dishonest tendency, do not ignore it, but act upon it and stop supporting and enabling this candidate. Scratch them off your voting list. Completely. Only support and vote for candidates who have shown integrity and honesty, regardless of their party affiliation or political ideology. Not even weigh that much the issues a candidate stands for or the campaign promises they make. If the candidate is dishonest then all the commitments and promises are worthless.

We couldn’t have seen the truth of my statements clearer then with the recent tax-increase and the elected Republican officials who supported this tax increase in spite of their pre-election promises and pledges against a tax increase, right here in Nevada. It is completely inconsequential and irrelevant if you personally were or are in favor of the tax increases or not. All that really matters is that once again dishonest and corrupt public officials were elected and worse, re-elected. 

Unless we stop voting for parties, familiar faces, broken promises and dishonesty, corruption will continue to flourish.

Yes, it is we the voters who allow for this corruption and yes, it is within our power then end it as well. Everyone makes mistakes, gets let down by a candidate they support or witnesses an elected official make a mistake.

It is those candidates and elected officials who can recognize their mistakes and shortcoming, admit to it without blaming others and seek to remedy and correct their mistake. It is even rarer to find elected officials who apologize so openly and genuinely for mistakes or wrong doing as we just recently witnessed from Nevada Assemblyman John Moore. Those are the people we need. Those are the officials we must elect and re-elect. If it’s not for other reasons, then let it be for those reasons alone. 

The honorable, sincere and public apology issued by Nevada Assemblyman John Moore on June 25, 2016 in Las Vegas:

“Folks, a while back I made an accusation towards Elmer Whittaker & Michelle Ravell that was not true. Without going into great detail, I put words in their mouths and accused them of saying something that they did not say. I took a Facebook post way out of context and I was wrong. I would like to do the right thing and sincerely apologize to both Elmer Whittaker and Michelle Ravell for my actions. I was the one that was way out of bounds.

I am never afraid to admit when I am wrong and in this case I was very wrong. I would ask Elmer & Michelle to forgive me and accept my apology.”

John Moore
Nevada State Assemblyman

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