Monday, July 18, 2016

End The Violence

By Elmer Whittaker

Virtually just days after the murders of 5 Dallas, TX Police Officers another 3 Police Officers have been murdered, now in Baton Rouge, LA. With a fourth Police Officer still fighting for his life, at the time of this writing.

 Law Enforcement and their biased supporters have long before Dallas called it a “War on the Police”. Well, it wasn’t. But that goes to show how powerful words are. After Baton Rouge, it can now be called a “War on the Police” and all their once unfounded fears have now become true.

But this is not the time for violence or an internal war of revenge against law enforcement. Without making an excuse or finding a justification, let this though serve as a warning that a people can only be pushed so far, before they rise up.

I can only plea with both sides, the oppressors and the oppressed. End the violence on both sides. What this country needs now is an open minded and honest discourse and admitting to the wrongdoings which have brought us to this point and then find and implement real solutions to the problem.

Amends for past wrong doings must be made and a phase of sincere regret and healing must commence. Although the problem of police misconduct and abuse of power is not only restricted to the black or minority communities although they have always borne the brunt of the abuse, the problem is on that affects our entire society. Not only the victims and their families, but all of us. Not only law enforcement and their abusers, but also our entire judicial system from the prosecutors to the judges.

The abusers of the past must be held accountable as much as reasonable and practical possible. But also forgiveness must be exercised on both sides with the promise of a better future and understanding. Our judicial system must be reconfigured and the criminal “Blue Code of Silence” must be banished, abolished and prosecuted.

There must be accountability not only for the citizenry but also for law enforcement and judicial system. No matter what the racial, ethnical and economic make-up of a society is, if there is no accountability, abuse and corruption will flourish.

The wounds and injustices of the Rodney King case some 25 years ago are still open and have never been healed, while it is clear now that there is a Rodney King happening in our country every day. The people need justice, healing and acknowledgement along with the reasonable hope for a better future.

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