Saturday, July 16, 2016

Watch Lists And Jury Selection

By Elmer Whittaker

I moved to Las Vegas, Clark County, NV around 1989/1990 and changed my NY Driver’s License to a Nevada Driver’s License sometimes in the early 90’s. Shortly thereafter I also applied for a Clark County Sheriff’s Card with the LVMPD and soon thereafter I must have registered to vote here in Clark County. 

Hence I have been getting summons to Jury Duty at the very least since the mid 90’s and remember having had a legitimate excuse a few times and been to Jury Selection a few other times, but somehow was never selected to serve on a Jury, which was just fine with me back then.

In 2005 I moved to Mohave County, Arizona where I naturally changed my NV Driver’s License to an Arizona Driver’s License, registered to vote in Mohave County where I eventually bought a house. Almost immediately I started receiving summons to Jury Duty but again was never selected to serve on a Jury.

In 2009 and 2010 I became the victim of police and judicial corruption in Mohave County, AZ when they fabricated charges against me twice and maliciously prosecuted me. After two viscous public battles they had to dismiss both cases just days before the trial.

That however didn’t stop Mohave County from sending me further Jury Summons in 2011 which I promptly answered with a letter letting them know how I felt about the Arizona (in)justice system. Mohave County then immediately waive my Jury Duty and I never received another Jury Summons from Mohave County.

Moving back to Las Vegas in 2013 I immediately underwent the usual procedures. Changing to a NV Driver’s License and registering to vote in Clark County, where I have been changing my party affiliation numerous times since.

My apartment was burglarized just weeks after moving back to Las Vegas where nothing else was stolen but my laptop and my thumb drives with my computer back-up files (!), leaving behind firearms, ammunition and sought after prescription drugs.

Having been back in Las Vegas close to 4 years now, wouldn’t you know it, but I never received even one single Jury Summons from Clark County again.

I can only wonder to which Government Watch List my name was added to.

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