Sunday, July 10, 2016

All Lives Matter

                                                      By Elmer Whittaker

The night before the Dallas attack on “white” Police Officers I was seriously upset about the police murders of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Jamar Clark in Minneapolis. Those murders, like the Erik Scott murder in Las Vegas by the LVMPD concern me personally very deeply, as I carry a firearm usually open on a daily basis. 

I have been a victim of police and judicial corruption in 2009/2010 living in Mohave County, Arizona which has tossed me into the shocking realization of how corrupt our police and (in)justice system really is. I am white and was in good financial standings with a newly founded business, a nice house and property and supporting family along with three dogs working to become self-reliant and living off the grid.

I was able to fend off the fabricated charges from our (in)justice system which eventually had to dismiss both cases just days before the court date. Much to my dismay and misfortune fending off the fabricated charges against me, ultimately cost me everything including my family and I was forced to move back to Las Vegas and have been fighting police and judicial corruption ever since, knowing full well, that if “they” could do this to me “they” could do this to everyone especially to black people or other minorities. To me it really confirmed all the complaints the black community has made for now decades.

Then the Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Freddy Gray and many other police murders and instances of police brutality have brought the issues finally into the face of the entire nation, twenty some years after Rodney King, thanks to the technical advances and everyone having a video camera nowadays.

It felt like the Walter Scott murder in North Carolina was a real vindication for all those who have been the victim of police and judicial corruption but were unable to get proper recognition for their plights. The Walter Scott murder really had it all, and clearly showed the modus operandi of many police corruption cases.

Out of Ferguson and the Mike Brown killing the #BlackLivesMatter movement was born. Undoubtedly, the movement must have been named by a government or police infiltrator, because people with properly functioning brains would never name their movement with such a self-defeating name, as it gave the majority of our citizenry a perfect reason and excuse not to become part of this movement against injustice in America. Not even I wanted to be part of it.

Although racism is clearly behind and a part of police and judicial corruption, I do not believe that racism is the foundation of injustices against a large number of our citizenry. Many police abusers are black themselves. I do not even believe that minorities are targeted because they are minorities or of a certain ethnical background.

I truly believe that minorities, especially blacks are the main target of police abuse, brutality and murders because of their vulnerabilities and lacking financial resources allowing the abusing police and authority figures to abuse their powers without usually facing any consequences.

Look at other countries. Police and judicial corruption happens everywhere, just not to a degree as it happens here in the United States. It happens in countries without a large black population. Look at Abu Ghraib. None of the abused victims of our everyday and normal soldiers, were really black.

It’s the absolute power, that corrupts absolutely. As long as our police forces and judicial system is not held accountable for their misdeeds and actions and virtually gets away with murder, the abuse will continue.

If we as a people cannot come to an agreement and arrangement on how to curb police and judicial corruption, the oppressed and abused people will eventually rise up. There are innumerous examples in history that show this to be true. A people can only be pushed that far, before they break.

The misguided Dallas murders of Police Officers by an obviously crazed but well trained black man might have been a symptom of a people reaching their breaking point. Let us not continue down the path of racial war and killing each other. We all need to sit down together and find solutions to our crisis.

I am afraid an abandoning or at least a renaming of the #BlackLivesMatter movement so all citizens who believe and want to advance the cause of justice can join in and get behind the movement for “Justice for All”, might be a required step forward and create an unstoppable and united force for good.

United we (might) stand. Divided we will fall (further).  

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