Saturday, July 16, 2016

Racism And The Police

By Elmer Whittaker

Although racism is clearly behind much of the police and judicial corruption, I do not believe that racism is the foundation of injustices against a large number of our citizenry. Many police abusers are black themselves and without a doubt for every black victim of police misconduct there is at least a non-black victim to be found. I do not even believe that minorities are targeted because they are minorities or of a certain ethnical background.

 I truly believe that minorities, especially blacks, are the main target of police abuse, brutality and murders because of their vulnerabilities and lacking financial resources allowing the abusing police and authority figures to abuse their powers without usually facing any consequences.

Look at other countries. Police and judicial corruption happens everywhere, just not to a degree as it happens here in the United States. It happens in countries without a large black population. Look at Abu Ghraib. None of the abused victims of our everyday and normal soldiers, were really black.

It’s the absolute power, that corrupts absolutely. As long as our police forces and judicial system is not held accountable for their misdeeds and actions and virtually gets away with murder, the abuse will continue.

Our judicial system and the criminal “Blue Code of Silence” is what likens police departments to organized crime syndicates and ultimately gives them the absolute power without the fear of consequences that makes them all too easy to abuse their powers.

Too often have clearly guilty police officers gotten away with police abuse without facing consequences. Too often have complaints and charges against police officers been thrown out in court, have led to unexplainable acquittals or were not even prosecuted by the DA. Not even bodycams and tens of thousands of police abuse videos taken by the citizenry has curbed the police abuse.

I do remember how it all started. The first famous video taken by a citizen showing clear evidence of police abuse against Rodney King, back in 1992, and the following acquittal of the indicted police officers. Nothing has changed since. Absolutely nothing, except more and more video evidence of clear police abuse has been made public since. To little or no avail.

If we are to curb police corruption and abuse, then we must have a legal venue to hold accountable, prosecute, trial and sentence abusing police officers. A venue which fairness and justice We The People can trust.

There is no other way.

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