Wednesday, December 3, 2014


By Elmer Whittaker 

At present police misconduct, abuse of power, police brutality, police murders but also false and fabricated charges and convictions as well as prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, malicious prosecutions and legal extortion by way of plea deals are at its all-time high and rising.

The simple truth of life and judicial as well as police misconduct is that as long there are no or only little consequences the abuse and the corruption will continue uninhabited. This is not a racial issue any longer, although the Black and Hispanic minorities may still bear the brunt of it, police and judicial system really kill and abuse the citizenry indiscriminately. 

Go to YouTube and you can find hundreds of thousands of videos of police misconduct and brutality alone, including ice cold murder. In spite of all this video evidence hardly ever a law enforcement officer is charged, indicted or god forbid actually sentenced.

In many cases police departments and district attorney’s offices actually go through great and obvious lengths of cover-ups to hold their law enforcement officials free of harm and justice.

Hardly ever will you find an unjustified police shooting. Hardly ever will you find a case of police brutality in which the perpetrating law enforcement official is properly prosecuted and sentenced. No matter what they do, it always seems to turn out justifiable. Only every once in a great while will you find real prosecution of police crimes and often the consequences of such prosecution won’t go beyond the perpetrators losing their job.

Then when the public outrage gets too loud you can hear the apologetics repeating their usual mantras. “Most cops are good and law abiding and you can find a few bad apples everywhere.” No greater lie than this.

Look at the videos. No, I mean watch them. Really. You see one, two or several police officers perpetrating the abuse at first while others are just “bystanders”, or you can see back-up to arrive running to the help of the abusing officers while their first action is to kick the helpless victim in their face.

And none of these law enforcement officers, even if they did not perpetrate the abuse themselves, will come forward and charge the criminal police officers and bring justice to their victims, because they all adhere to the “thin blue line” and “code blue”, shrouding themselves into silence and secrecy.

Although there already exists a number of studies and research which document that the use of Body Cams worn by police officers reduce misconduct of participating law enforcement personal by up to 80%, Body Cams alone without proper legislation and prosecution of violators will not be sufficient to end police misconduct as we can clearly see from all the videos on YouTube which already exist.

Not since the NAZI’s SS-troopers have I seen more blatant lies of innocence. If you are a sworn law enforcement officer and do not interfere and protect the citizens from the crimes perpetrated by their corrupt colleagues and neither speak up truthfully and “Whistleblower” and charge as well as testify against the criminal cops, you are as guilty as any NAZI SS-trooper for the crimes committed by the SS. And that’s a fact. Silence is consent!

People inherently are prone to the abuse of power especially if they are protected by the system and there are little to no consequences to their actions.

And after all that said, I have not really touched upon the judicial and prosecutorial corruption and misconduct. So I just will concentrate and say a few words to the District Attorney’s and prosecutors who continuously fail to prosecute criminal law enforcement officers and in fact cover-up for their crimes. Malicious prosecution and fabricated cases against citizens often for the sole purpose of extorting money out of the citizenry is yet a completely different subject of judicial corruption.

If “We The People” are to bring about change and an end to the increasing police misconduct and brutality we don’t get around of holding the criminals accountable no matter of what their position ion our corrupt legal system is.

And not just do we need to hold them accountable, but due to their entrusted and often sworn in position, we must punish them much harder than we would punish a citizen who would commit the same crime. Losing one’s job in severe cases, on a corrupt police force, is not the punishment I am referring to and is with certainty no deterrent for their abuse of power. 

     Body Cams and Dash Board Cams must be made mandatory for all law enforcement officers and their vehicles. 

     Independent (from the judicial and law enforcement system) Review Boards and Commissions with judicial and prosecutorial powers must be established and investigate any and all cases of alleged police and judicial misconduct. Merciless prosecution of any judicial and police officials must commence where warranted and detailed reports of investigations must be published of cases where prosecution is not warranted.

     Higher ethical and moral standards for elected and sworn in officials in entrusted positions must be applied for their allegations and sentencing of crimes than for ordinary civilian offenders and violators. 

     New laws must be legislated to complement the new and stricter methods to curb and end police and judicial corruption.

     Sufficient help, rehabilitation and monetary compensation for the victims of police and judicial corruption must become the norm to finally implement justice for all. 

Finally, history has shown over thousands of years that there will eventually be some form of accountability for those guilty of oppression, abuse and violating human rights. Nowadays advanced society simply must do better than to wait for history to take its course.

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