Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Most Corrupt State In The Union

By Elmer Whittaker   

Having lived in numerous states and cities including New York City in the 80’s and remembering well the news footage from of the police corruption before, during and after Katrina I was convinced that New Orleans was the most corrupt city making Louisiana the most corrupt state. 

In the off and on 25 years living in Las Vegas I virtually never had one single bad experience with LVMPD leading me to the illusion that Metro was a great police department. 

Then after moving to rural Arizona for a few years and experiencing political, judicial and police corruption first hand, I was convinced that Arizona was the most corrupt state of the union. 

Now, being back in Las Vegas for about 2 years now, I have come to the conclusion that corruption in our entire country runs so deep that it is almost beyond repair. 

I think the moment of realization and awakening to political, judicial and police corruption is different for everyone and depends much on if and when a citizen themselves becomes either victim or close witness to the corruption ruling our country, while some people will remain miraculously shielded from any exposure to corruption and remain asleep. 

The corruption in our country is so severe and deep that for many people it is unimaginable and the mere reading about it or even listening to even trusted victims accounts is simply not enough to awaken some people, because the human denial factor is so great that our mind simply will not accept the possibility that everything we thought we knew and trusted was an utter and complete lie.

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