Monday, December 8, 2014

Occupy and Police State Protests

By Elmer Whittaker

In the past few days, more specifically ever since the Michael Brown and Eric Garner protests started in Fergusson, MO and New York City, NY have I been reminded on the immediate outcry of the commonly known as “right-wing” and conservative community against the protesters labeling them as looters, rioters and ultimately communists.

I felt like I was traveling back in time when Occupy Wall Street first got started a few years ago.

Yes, the new anti-Police State Movement got started out on the wrong foot when some of the protesters in Ferguson in fact were looting and burning mostly businesses of innocent community members. There is simply no excuse for harming or damaging the properties or health and life of innocent community members.

But with the stunning new miscarriage of justice when the Grand Jury in New York again did not come up with only even an indictment for the murder of Eric Garner, the protests have virtually spread all of the country with a great and successful effort of keeping the protests peaceful.

Yet, I once again saw myself confronted with statements coming from the “right-wing” conservatives about looters, rioters and almost worse yet the protesters being labeled as communists. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Those you see protesting are in fact communists putting pressure on the system.”

Yes, and those who write and spread nonsense like this are in fact unfortunate gullible minions of our political two-party government indoctrination and propaganda which does anything to keep us people divided. Ideologically, racially, religiously, socially, caste and class wise, pitted against each other, rich vs poor, indoctrinated and brainwashed from their early childhood days, by those behind our government.

I don’t say that to insult, demean or belittle anyone who has been victimized by government indoctrination, as they can no longer see the truth because it has been blocked out of their minds.

In “right-wing” and conservative circles there is often the talk about 1776 and the American Revolution and that is fine with our government. But our government is also aware of yet another revolution that almost followed the American Revolution. It is the French Revolution and our government is fully aware of the consequences and the power of a united people. Back then in France it was the proletariat against the aristocrats and nothing but the classification has changed until today when the working class is pitted against corporations of the super-rich. The Banksters.

Yes, this all sounds like the slogans of the Occupy Movement, even if most of them did not yet realize it. And it was clear to the awakened that the Occupy Movement could not succeed without the support of the other half of the people, the “right-wing” and conservatives.

Personally, I have been called every name from Communist to NAZI for supporting the efforts of a few far-sighted libertarians to bring “right-wing” support and ideology to the Occupy Movement and were even successful in having parts of the Ron Paul R3volution and the Oath Keepers join up with Occupy. But the hatred of mainly the TEA Party wouldn’t have any part of it. America’s second revolution for liberty and justice was so close that many of us libertarians could actually taste it. But the hatred, divisiveness and the propaganda of the by the government infiltrated TEA Party did not allow the individuals to see.

And so we once again find ourselves on the doorsteps to liberation from the tyranny of the government’s police state and the very same thing is happening again. You simply call the often youthful protesters communists and looters and blame the inherently oppressed and exploited black and minority communities for the unrest, instead of joining them and with that guaranteeing yet another chance for liberty and justice to be condemned to fail.

I speak to many who have joined and support the protests against the police state. I have yet to encounter one single communist, although I’m sure there are some. It is pure partisan hatred, class warfare and discrimination that lets the government survive even the most justified protests, time after time. There is nothing that the government is more afraid of, than a united people.

I can see it so clear, right in front of me, and I know there are others who are awake can clearly see, but I do not know how to make you other people see, but to repeat the truth every chance I have.

There is a recent confrontation that should confirm the validity of everything I said. It’s the Bundy Stand Off at Bunkerville, NV. Here the “right-wing” stood up in protests against an overbearing federal government. The same police state forces that the people demonstrating against now. Regardless if the Bundy’s were in the right or in the wrong, at least the militias were able to fend of and repulse the government’s first assaults.

But then the “left-wing” and their propaganda worked against the protesters and militias who dared to stand up to tyranny by calling them “Domestic Terrorists” just as irresponsibly and careless as the “right-wing” calls the protesters now “Communists”, as they did the protestors of the Occupy Movement.

I commend any intention of exerting pressure on the politicians instead, without the protests and demonstrations. Pressure on politicians that has been exerted for many decades if not centuries with little to no avail. Our government and our politicians are corrupt and no matter how clear it is to see even to those in slumber land, the people elect the same corrupt politicians time after time.

People, this all is insanity. Can you not see it? You must awaken from your indoctrinated slumber and begin to see the reality that is still called the United States of America. We must begin to hold our elected officials and public servants like the governments police forces accountable for their crimes. No if’s and but’s about it.

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